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Thursday, July 17, 2003


Mrs. R.D. Hawkins' utility payment took a long route - to Iraq and back.

The Gautier woman's bill arrived at the Pascagoula city clerk's office in an envelope decorated with a hand-drawn stamp - and a message from Iraq apologizing for the late delivery.

Hawkins had mailed her $49.36 natural gas bill to neighboring Pascagoula in April. It arrived at the city clerk's office on Wednesday.

"Please forgive the lateness of this bill," an American serviceman who identified himself only as Spc. Fifield had scribbled on the back of the small envelope. "It had to go all the way around the world to Operation Iraqi Freedom due to a computer error.

"I am Spc. Fifield and enjoy my time here in Iraq, and so do the Iraqis," the soldier wrote. "Thank you for supporting your troops."

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