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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Well, that's somewhat good news. The New Zealander in charge of the NZDF mission in Afghanistan is very experienced in this sort of thing.

Colonel Neville Reilly, aged 54, received a gallantry award in the 2000 Queen's Birthday honours list for his actions in East Timor between June and September 1999.

He was responsible for the security of the United Nations mission and was "inspirational" when the UN compound in Dili came under seige following the outbreak of violence after the Indonesian province voted for independence.

Colonel Reilly also served in Bosnia in the mid-1990s with the UN.

He is described as one of the most highly decorated people in the Defence Force, but he is modest.

He says many others going to Afghanistan with the NZ provincial reconstruction team (PRT) have as much peacekeeping experience as he has had.

The main role of his unit, to be based in the province of Bamiyan, will be to help the Government extend its authority.

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