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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

We Americans are an odd lot, aren't we?

Four skinny puppies and their sad-eyed mother have been delivered from Iraq to a Camarillo woman. Marcy Christmas says she felt compelled to push for a rescue after spotting the dogs sitting forlornly in the desert behind a T-V news reporter.

Christmas beamed as the four-month-old puppies tumbled out of Air France cargo carriers into a warehouse hangar in Los Angeles yesterday. The puppies wrestled with one another and showed no signs of fatigue after surviving war, hunger and a 93-hundred-mile journey from the Jordan-Iraq border.

Christmas spotted the dogs April tenth on a television news report. She has been rescuing dogs for decades and does volunteer work for the Doris Day Animal League.

Christmas agreed to pay the one-thousand dollars in transportation costs.

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