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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

There is something deeply troubling about this.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), spies from the Australian Secret service and the intelligence department of Singapore are helping Indonesian authorities crack down on madrassah’s (religious schools), refugee camps and remote areas of the country allegedly in search for "fundamental Muslims", a source close to the Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) charged Wednesday, July 16.

The MMI source contacted IslamOnline.net correspondent to report the arrest of several Indonesian Muslims working in local "pesantren" and "Markaz," names given to religious schools and small Islamic community centers in Indonesia.

The MMI member, who leads a group of Muslims that provide aid to other fellow Muslims in refugee camps in Madura, Aceh, Maluku, Nunukan and East Timor, said his people spotted foreign spies disguised as tourists or aid workers in these regions.

"These people were asking about Muslims who professes fundamentalism and who want to press the Megawati Sukarnoputri regime to change the secular constitution into an Islamic constitution," said the MMI member who identified himself as Abu Sufian.

In statements to IOL a week ago, the MMI charged that the CIA had "planted" its operatives, sometimes disguised as Muslim women, wearing Hijab, to do the spying jobs.

"The CIA has also recruited locals and Arabs of non-Muslim faith, who speak good Arabic and sometimes very good Malay or Javanese languages to infiltrate the religious centers in Indonesia," said Sufian.

"They may have infiltrated local political parties, the MMI itself and other organizations in the country in a bid to bring down the movement for Islamization in Indonesia, it is clear that if Islam is made an official religion here, it will not be of interest to the Zionists in particular," he stressed.

Even is such a far-away place as Indonesia, Zionists are behind every plot and hiding in every shadow. See those people dressed like tourists and aid workers? They're CIA and Mossad agents. Not too much of incitement or rationalization for killing foreigners and even Muslim women who may say or think the wrong thing.

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