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Monday, July 14, 2003

Hey, you rule a country oppressed by tyrants? I love tyrants. You're looking to build a nuclear arsenal? We love selling nuclear capability, no questions asked. Hey you hate Israel and the Jews? Many of my people hate Israel and the Jews, too. And thus began a budding love affair.

President Mohammad Khatami in a message to his French counterpart Jacques Chirac on Sunday congratulated him, his
government and the French people on the celebration of Bastille Day.

Khatami has expressed satisfaction over the growth of Tehran-Paris relations in recent years, stressing that any mutual struggle to boost ties would reinforce the affinity between the people of Iran and France.

He also stressed that Iran and France can use the vast capacity in their relations to expand their bilateral cooperation, adding that Tehran and Paris can have an effective role in helping to resolve regional crises and to promote world peace.

Of course the "world peace" that Iran would bring over a prostrate France would involve a world free of Jews (hey, France is with them so far) and anyone else who wouldn't submit to rule by Sharia but, let's not let that get in the way of our effusive praise of the "democracy" in Iran, right Mr Armitage?

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