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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hey, something nice to say about France.

- Irritated by a Cuban crackdown on opposition groups, France loaded its Embassy's National Day guest list with dissidents this year. Cuban officials stayed away en masse.

The July 14 celebration is usually a notable date on Havana's social calendar, a place for officials — sometimes even President Fidel Castro (news - web sites) — to hobnob with diplomats and foreign businessmen and sip French wines.

In a sign of continued tension between Cuba and the European Union (news - web sites), guests said they saw no Cuban officials at all during the embassy reception on Monday, though many were invited. A handful turned up at the front gate before the event to turn in their invitations and then walk away.

Instead, an unprecedented number of dissidents turned up. Most, smiling broadly, said it was the first time they had been invited to the event.

Of course, when the US praises these brave dissidents they are scorned as stooges. But, if France is going to start recognizing thier efforts, good for them.

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