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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Here's a report on the Iranian students protesting in Palo Alto.

More than 250 Bay Area Iranians waved flags and shouted chants in downtown Palo Alto this week against Tehran's Islamic regime, joining a worldwide rally to support Iranian student protesters.

``The government is attacking our young people,'' said Manooch Golkar, 65, of Santa Clara. ``We want our country without mullahs and without the Islamic republic.''

The Tuesday night rally -- commemorating the 1999 student uprising against Iran's hard-line Islamic leaders -- was part of a global show of support for students who staged massive demonstrations in Tehran and other cities last month.

And one in Salt Lake City.

Some 80 demonstrators — the majority Iranians who have immigrated to Utah — peacefully called for human rights reform Tuesday afternoon in front of the City-County Building with signs and banners.

The "concerned human being," also one of the protesters, told the Deseret Morning News she wishes to remain anonymous and didn't sign the letter to Bush because she is still fearful for the safety of close relatives in Iran.

She was part of a rally organized locally by Behrouz Bakh and occurring Tuesday and Wednesday in at least 59 cities in the United States and other countries around the world. The rallies commemorate a violent raid on a Tehran University dormitory on July 9, 1999, following a peaceful protest calling for freedom of speech and the press.

59 cities across the US? Guess, CNNNBCCBSABCNYTIMESLATIMES et al didn't happen to have anyone in any of those cities to look into it.

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