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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The head of Saddam's tribe is dead.

Attackers kille the head of Saddam Hussein's tribe, who recently disavowed the ousted president, while he rode in a car in Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, the regional governor said Tuesday. Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khattab, who was leader of Saddam's Bani al-Nasiri tribe, was killed Sunday and his son was wounded, said the governor, Hussein al-Jubouri, according to AP.

Appointed by Saddam as tribal chief, al-Khattab remained close to the former leader during his 35-year rule. But after the U.S.-led invasion, he publicly disavowed Saddam in the presence of local leaders and American troops, residents said.

Al-Khattab "had many enemies and he had confiscated a lot of properties and killed many people," the governor said. "The person who killed him could have taken revenge," al-Jubouri added.

The assailants had been riding in a pickup truck when they shot al-Khattab and fled the scene, residents said.

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