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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Former military intelligence chief for Saddam, who defected in 1994, is now back and hunting for his old boss.

Saddam Hussein's former military intelligence chief has left for the desert around Samara north of Baghdad to track down Saddam Hussein, who he alleges is hiding out there.

"We have various pieces of information saying he's present in the region, even if no one's seen him," Wafiq Al Samarrai said on Sunday. "I'm leaving today to search for Saddam and his partisans."

"We will share information we'll gather with the Americans," said the founder and secretary-general of the National Salvation Movement, who has no military forces under his control apart from personal security guards.

Samarrai, who defected in 1994 and became an Iraqi opposition figure, said his decision to launch the hunt was cemented after an overnight attack on his house by 'men loyal to Saddam'.

"My house was attacked at 214 GMT on Saturday with an anti-tank rocket. There was only material damage," said Samarrai, surronded by several tribal chiefs from Samara, 125km north of Baghdad, offering him support.

Samarrai has been accused of denouncing members of the outlawed Baath party of Saddam Hussein, which he denies.

"It may take months to find him, but we'll do it," he said.

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