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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

El Jefe's daughter is calling on the Eu to get tought with the Stalinist regime.

Alina Fernandez, the exiled daughter of Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, has urged the European Union to take a harder line against her father.

Speaking in Rome on Monday, (7 July) during a European tour she said that "the EU's policy toward Cuba is hardly acceptable because they're dealing with a regime that doesn't listen."

Earlier this year, Fidel Castro's government arrested 75 citizens who had been critical of the regime.

Mrs Fernandez called on the EU to form a common policy with the United States in responding to Cuba's recent crackdown on dissidents.

"We need a point of convergence between the US and Europe to create a political consensus in dealing with the Cuban regime", Mrs Fernandez said according to Associated Press.

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