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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

What a surprise.

Some 40 French parliamentarians and other European figures, including the former coordinator of the UN food-for-oil program, the German Hans Von Sponeik have called for the release of former Iraqi officials detained by the American occupation forces, especially former Iraqi prime minister Tareq Aziz, who seemed to be ill.

The French- Iraqi friendship society which includes hundreds representing all political trends said in its call that the "war lunched by the US against Iraq was illegal in the view of the international law, a matter which makes the detention of Iraqi military and civilian leaders as illegal." The society added that it has learnt recently that Aziz recently had heart problems, stressing the need of releasing him immediately.

The statement, in particular was undersigned by the French parliamentarian Dedi Julia, the British Labor parliamentarian George Galloway and the French admiral Michael Depri, former President of Charlez De Guelle Institute.

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