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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Was Uday in Baghdad just 11 days ago? One of his body doubles says he was.

Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s elder son Uday was in hiding in Baghdad 11 days ago and had considered giving himself up to U.S. forces, a former body double said Tuesday.

Latif Yahia said he obtained his information in a satellite telephone call with a mutual friend in Baghdad 10 days ago.

The friend said that Uday and two bodyguards had stayed at his house in Baghdad for the two prior nights.

Yahia, who is in Ireland awaiting a visa to rejoin his family in England, told Reuters he did not know where Uday was now.

"He wants to surrender but keeps changing his mind. He sits in his wheelchair crying, he can't go outside because he knows he'll be killed," said Yahia, who acted as a body double for Uday for more than four years before fleeing Iraq (news - web sites) in 1991.

"He doesn't want to surrender because he's not sure what will happen to him. One day he says he wants to surrender but the next day he changes his mind," he said.

"Uday spent two nights at (the friend's) house. My friend told me that he was in bits -- he needs medicine for his injuries but he has none," added Yahia.

Yeah, it can be a little unsettling going from an iron fisted rapist, torturer murderer who has nearly unlimited resources to buy drugs guns and whatever else you may want to a fugitive with 400,000 US soldiers and millions of Iraqis hunting you down.

I personally hope the Iraqis find him first.

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