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Friday, June 20, 2003

Some Members of the European Parliament are calling for a tough stand on Castro.

In a letter to the three EU presidents (of the Parliament, Council and Commission) and to the EU's chief for foreign affairs - Javier Solana, a group of MEPs headed by Portuguese conservative MEP, José Ribeiro e Castro have asked the EU to step up contacts with Cuban dissidents.

As a show of solidarity with the Cuban opposition MEPs have asked leaders to contact, Oswaldo Payá, a leading dissident in Havana and invite him to meet with the leaders at the highest level.

This would also allow Mr Payá to personally inform Europeans about the current situation on the island.

And the incoming members of the EU can only enhance this position.

Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia hosted Oswaldo Payá earlier this year and the Speaker of the Slovak parliament, Pavol Hrusovsky, contacted him by phone shortly after the Cuban government's repressive actions.

The former Czech President and dissident Vaclav Havel is also considering a proposal to deal with the topic as a goodwill ambassador, a post offered to him by the Czech foreign ministry.

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