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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Some family.

Jannat said Uday threw such parties almost weekly, except when his father was nearby, fearing he might drop in. ‘Yes, he feared Saddam very much. He dreamed of becoming president and he hated his brother Qusai,’ she said. ‘Sometimes, Uday drank and took pills and went without sleep for three days.’ Qusai, regarded as articular, secretive and scheme, was Saddam’s favourite son and considered heir apparent to the Iraqi leadership after being made commander of an elite presidential guard unit in charge of his father’s security.

Where are the Husseins? Jannat says they took off in the direction of Syria.

Jannt told the interviewer that in early April, days before US forces stormed into Baghdad, Uday had arrived at his palace and was met the next day by several men who drove him away ‘in a Land Cruiser toward Syria.’

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