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Monday, June 09, 2003

See. No matter what. It is always America's fault. The EU is considering sanctions on Castro becuase of his most recent round of oppression? Blame the US.

"A small gang, a mafia, has joined with the yankee imperialists," Castro said of his critics, describing them as "allies of facist imperialism."

This group is "scandalously serving the neo-facist government of the United States," Castro said.

On Friday Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Perez Roque said that the EU decision was an "over-reaction," and Europe had "caved in to . . . the battering waves of U.S. policy toward Cuba."

And apparently if you liked the last round of dissidents being sent off to the gulags, there is more to come.

"New and large battles await us," Castro added. In the next days "we will have to talk a lot and we will have to unmask many," he said, adding that the events should be "well thought out."

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