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Monday, June 02, 2003

Say what?
''The church's mission is not to be on the side of the opposition,'' said Ortega, the Archbishop of Havana and the island's only Roman Catholic cardinal. ``In the same way, you cannot ask the church to support the government.''

Ortega's comments came a week after a Czech bishop and former anti-communist dissident criticized the church in Cuba for not supporting the opposition movement here. Ortega said his Czech colleague did not visit him during a recent stay here.

''The church leadership is very reserved toward the opposition movement,'' Bishop Vaclav Maly told reporters on May 21, hours after he returned from a 10-day visit to Cuba. ''From my point of view, it's a big mistake,'' Maly said.

Maly noted that while a church should not engage in politics, ``in a dictatorship, it's always good when people of goodwill unite.''

It is not the Church's place to take sides in Cuba? They can't determine that Castro's regime is oppressive and the people of Cuba enjoy no human rights? Does Ortega think that just his presence, as an official representative of the Church, and refusal to speak out about atrocities in Cuba is not seen as support for the regime?

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