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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Russia still trying to play games. The IAEA noted deception and omissions in Iran's statements, especially in connection with newly uncovered programs that could be geared toward weapon production. The report however stopped just short of saying that Iran had breached the NPT. Well...that's good wnoiugh for Russia. All questions have been answered and we can just go back to the way things were.

Russia said on Thursday a June meeting of U.N. nuclear officials had cleared up international concerns over its nuclear cooperation with Iran and denied there were disagreements over the issue with the United States.

"After the IAEA board of governors meeting on June 16, this theme is no longer topical," Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko told reporters. "But I will again say that if anyone has any concerns we are prepared to continue dialogue. We have an open, transparent position."

"We support the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and all our cooperation with Iran abides by our international obligations," Yakovenko said. "So there can be no disagreements with the U.S. or other countries when discussing Iran."

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