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Monday, June 09, 2003

A new museum for the treasures of Ancient Egypt.

Egypt has unveiled the design of a grand new museum to house its wealth of pharaonic treasures.

The new Grand Museum of Egypt will be built into a desert hillside, with triangular panels on the front and roof, mirroring the shape of its near neighbours, the ancient pyramids at Giza.

The new museum has been designed by an Irish firm and will cost an estimated $350 million to build.

Work is expected to get underway this year and the new museum is expected to be finished in 2007.

The new museum is expected to exhibit some 100,000 pieces taken from storerooms and displays at central Cairo's 100-year-old Egyptian Museum, which has been criticised internationally for its poor labelling and jumbled layout.

About time. The museum in Cairo is horrible. There is no place inside the actual museum, once you've paid for admission, to sit and rest or even get a bottle of water.

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