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Monday, June 16, 2003

Mr Akbari, head of the public works department in Herat discusses some of the thing his department has done in the last year.

These projects were accomplished during last year:
250,000 metres of the city's roads have been asphalted well, including the roads in Park-e Mellat, Khawja Saheb Ansari Road, Military Corps No 4 Road, the road from Darb-e Khosh to Soltan Aqa and Nur Hospital Road.

Preparatory works, asphalting and demolition of buildings for enlarging the roads of the highway from the finance department to Military Corps No 4 were carried out. Furthermore, the road from the finance department to the Park Hotel was repaired and asphalted.

Kargar Park, which had been one of the biggest recreational parks of the city and had been completely destroyed, was repaired in addition to its hotel. Some saplings were planted and a deep well was dug in this park. In addition, a 300-metre stone wall was constructed around the park and then it was rented.

The depots of transport of Pashton Pol have been covered with 2,000 square meters of (?granite) and turnery machines in this location have been repaired.

The tank of Pashton Pol, which was broken down, has been repaired and now it is being utilized.

The Sar-e Jangal building, which was completely destroyed, has been reconstructed. A pump station was also constructed there.

From Sar-e Jangal to Mir Daud shoulders have been built, narrow streams have been dug and saplings were planted. Erosion made by flooding was also repaired.

From the transit duty booth located in Kamar Kalaq to Torghondi town, some work was done in order to prevent flooding and landslides.

Some places along the highway that possibly vehicles would fall down from were reconstructed from Mir Daud to Shindand.

Sixty km from Herat customs road to the vicinity of Khosh Rabat and from Adraskan District to Shindand were repaired.

About 60 bridges were constructed from Military Corps No 4 to Gozara District.

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