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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Italian peace-keeping contingent has landed in Basra. Burlusconi was also the first European leader to agree to isolate Arafat and has been supportive of Israel's entrance into the EU.

As the Italian troops unloaded 10 military vehicles from a military plane in Basra, Major Vincenzo Lauro told Reuters they had arrived to prepare for the deployment of a 1,700-strong Italian peacekeeping contingent due by the end of June.

The Italian force, including army, navy and airforce personnel, will be based in Basra under British control.

A British military spokesman said an advance party of Dutch troops was due in Basra on Thursday. The Netherlands said last week it would send 1,100 marines to the British-controlled zone in southern Iraq.

More than 10 countries have also pledged troops for a separate 7,500-strong Polish-led force to be deployed in south-central Iraq.

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