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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Interesting story about the capture of one of Iraq's largest oil and gas plants.

It was an operation code-named Mission Certain Death.

So for an oil worker from Ellesmere Port, it was one to be approached with some trepidation.

Keith James, who works for Shell UK at Stanlow oil refinery, was asked by the United States army to help seize a key oil field in Iraq.

He was picked because of his expertise and allowed to choose four colleagues to join him with a group of US Marines known as The Suicide Charlies.

After months of toil, the 46-year-old seized the country's key southern Az Zubayr oil and gas plant and shut it down before Saddam Hussein could destroy it.

Az Zubayr was deemed the crown jewel of the Ramalla oil fields of southern Iraq.

If the team had not taken it intact, the whole region would have been at risk. And if Saddam had decided to blow it up, the fires would have burned for years.

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