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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

In calling Bush and Blair liars does this this Reverend even realize the irony in his argument here?

'We now have the same problems in Iraq as they have in Cambodia,' added Mr Rennie, who has participated in charity work in Cambodia for many years.

'There are children in Iraq with their arms and legs blown off. I want to know where our local MPs stand now. The only reason MPs voted for a war was that they thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

I want to know where Rev Rennie stood while hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men women and children were marched off to killing fields, just like in Cambodia. I want to know what the good Rev has to say about the political prison for children that was liberated by American soldiers. I want to know what his thoughts are on the mass grave filled with children, many of whom may have been buried alive. For that matter I wonder where the good Rev stood while the Khmer Rouge was busy murdering nearly one and a half million Cambodians.

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