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Monday, June 16, 2003

Heh. France is very upset that Rumsfeld sees things through a America-centric lens. Of course they would prefer to view things though an EU-centric (read: French) lens.

"The American Defence Secretary believes that the United States is the only military, economic and financial power of the world," the French minister told the paper. "We don't share this vision."

She also suggested Mr Rumsfeld's position was in conflict with that of uniformed US military services under his command, arguing these services "themselves find it to their advantage to share tasks between allies."

"They recognise the job that has been done by the French military in certain theatres of operation, for instance by our aviators in Afghanistan," she said.

"Events in Africa have shown that our soldiers are in excellent shape, and our prepositioned forces are able to react to developments."

Let's review here. Our military was happy to have French air support in Afghanistan? The job they are managing in Congo? Or in the Ivory Coast?

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