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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Ha'aretz is reporting that Mahmoud Abbas asked the EU to blacklist Hamas. If true this would be stunning. It would seem to indicate he is willing to take on Hamas if he can undercut their base of support. Of course France has outright said Hamas is people they can do business with, so Abbas should apparently learn to shut up and learn his place. The Palestinian Authority is denying the report but, based on the EU's steadfast refusal to go after Hamas, it would not be in Abbas' best interest to admit having made the request.

If the EU really denied such a request from Abbas it would be one of the most self-serving cynical moves I have ever seen. The roots that Hamas has sunk in Europe are deep and they get a lot of money and have a pretty strong lobby in the region. A move by the EU to shut down Hamas would be met with threats and attacks, so that is obviously a concern. But, shouldn't you be more concerned that you are giving haven to a group that is openly a terrorist organization and openly calls for the destruction of Israel? Wouldn't you be better off in the long run by excising such a presence? Especially if the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister is asking you to do this so that he can attempt to build peace. But, well I guess that may take effort and make the bad guys angry. It's much easier to just ignore Abbas. Bah! A curse on them all.

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