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Monday, June 16, 2003

Good old Comrade Bob. Blame the whites. The only problem is that most of the country's blacks are against him, too. After all, his administration has stated that they can do without 6 million or so that are not with the "revolution". And there are not that many whites there. MDC is not a white run political party Martin Tsvangirai is not white. Nor are the other opposition leaders in Mugabes jails. Nor are the thousands protesting in the streets.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Friday attacked whites in the country for refusing reconciliation and vowed his government would not tolerate any more protests from the opposition, state television reported.

"They (whites) never accepted our rule, black rule," Mugabe told a rally in Nyamandlovu in southwestern Zimbabwe.

"They never accepted Zimbabwe was independent, they continued to live in Rhodesia in their imagination," he said in reference to the country when it still under white minority rule.

"We can run this country without the whites," he added.

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