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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Following September 11th the Red Cross came under fire for the handling of funds for the survivors. Apparently they are facing similar accusations from the survivors of the Bali attack.

The Red Cross has come under fire from victims of the bombings - who want to know why financial assistance from the organisation's appeal has not been forthcoming.

A meeting in Sydney overnight called for $10,000 to be given to each survivor or next of kin, and for $1,000 to be set-aside for Balinese victims.

Barry Hugeunin whose daughter was injured in the Sari Club blast says the Red Cross should not be allowed to run wild with the money.

"I think they've been arrogant," he said.

"I think they have been deceptive. I think the management of Red Cross are continuing to maintain certain power structures in an empire, I think that is very bad, because it undermines everything that all the good they do as an organisation."

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