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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Failure of civil authorities in Frace. Where is the multilateral UN led force to help?

City cleaners are spraying streets in the French port of Marseille with lemongrass perfume to get rid of the stench from piles of rubbish that have been festering under a hot sun for a fortnight.

Refuse collectors returned to work on Tuesday after a 14-day strike over pension reforms.

City cleaners are now battling to clear up an estimated 8,000 tonnes of garbage, which stench has attracted rats in droves.

A spokeswoman for the municipal services department said: "It's been awful. The smell has been unbearable and the streets were disgusting with rotting rubbish strewn all over them. Life hasn't been very easy."

"We occasionally add a bit of lemongrass to disinfecting products when cleaning up after an outdoor market, but this time we're adding it in much bigger doses and using it everywhere."

And with the Brutal French Summer set to begin, this can only lead to a spiraling quagmire.

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