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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Comrade Bob's thugs are going after all opposition voices.

Archbishop Pius Ncube was detained briefly on Friday in his Bulawayo chapel, by state security agents, who warned him to desist from discussing political issues before the start of interdenominational prayers for justice and peace in Zimbabwe.

"They warned that no political party regalia should be worn during the prayers, they also said inflammatory statements were not to be allowed during the church service," Pius Ncube told a packed city cathedral before the beginning of the prayers.

"We told them that this is purely a church event with no party politics to be addressed, but we can not avoid addressing political issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe, politics is about food, shelter, school fees for your children, jobs and everything to do with our normal day to day activities," he said.

The church service, held amidst hovering sounds of military helicopters, was attended by human rights activists, Christians from all denominations and opposition MDC Members of Parliament, who included Paul Themba Nyathi, David Coltart and party Vice President, Gibson Sibanda.

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