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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Comrade Bob and his enablers and thugs really showed those white imperialists.

Zimbabwe's land reform programme has caused a 90 percent drop in production in large-scale commercial farming since the 1990s, UN food organisations said in a report.

Subsequently, about 400,000 farm workers -- who were meant to benefit from the controversial resettlement plan -- lost their jobs and homes.

The findings in the document, released simultaneously in Johannesburg and Rome, are based on a fact-finding mission by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Programme to Zimbabwe in April and May this year.

The delegation was led by Henri Josserand, the chief of the FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System.

The mission concluded that 5.5 million people in a population of 11.6 million were in need of food aid, despite the annual cereal production having increased compared to last year.

The UN estimated that emergency aid agencies needed to provide an estimated 610,000 tonnes of maize to fill the food gap.

Let me clarify one thing here. The only people who were meant to benefit from Comrade Bob's 'reforms' were Comrade Bob, his friends and the killers who maintain his rule. The rest of the people of Zimbabwe can starve and die for all he has ever cared. His 'revolutionary' socialist speeches of the past was swallowed easily by the Western Leftist elite and supported for many years, and indeed some still do (See the reception that he was given by the NYC Black and Latino Caucus last year), while ignoring what his militias and ruling class were doing to the country.

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