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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Bernie Keric was on CNBC talking about restoring order in Baghdad.

...Kerik said that 5,000 Iraqi police have returned to service in the past five weeks and that they are being retrained to fight crime in a democratic manner.

"They are going back to work. They're getting out in the streets. We're starting to train them, retrain them," Kerik said. "You know we have to teach them training now in policing in a democratic or free society. Torture is not acceptable."

"Democracy is growing, but it doesn't happen overnight," said Kerik, who was hired in May by the Pentagon to advise Iraq's Interior Ministry. "You have to remember, we only went into Baghdad less than 100 days ago."

He said he's been firing leaders in the police force who were loyal to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

"We are taking out the resistance day by day, piece by piece," he said. "I myself have terminated several members — senior members that were loyal to Saddam — of the police department. That will continue."

Asked about the whereabouts of Saddam, who has been missing since the war, Kerik said: "He is in hiding. Cowards do that. ... Being (in Iraq) for the last five weeks has given me some real insight that there was only one weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, and it was Saddam."

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