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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Another British anti-war pol busted by what he said in the past.

ROBIN Cook’s anti-war stance over Iraq was destroyed last night by a bombshell Foreign Office memo.

It was published when Mr Cook was Foreign Secretary five years ago — and warned Saddam could have an “offensive biological weapons capability” in weeks.

Mr Cook now argues we should never have gone to war because Saddam was no threat.

But the 1998 dossier warned Iraq could develop mustard gas almost immediately and nerve agents in months.

And it said Saddam may have Scud missiles which could kill thousands if armed with a VX nerve agent warhead.

The memo was used to justify Allied planes bombing Iraq in 1998.
Mr Cook was grilled on the document before the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday.

MPs pointed out he opposed the recent war because there was no second UN resolution — but backed bombing Iraq in 1998, even though that was not supported by the UN either.

Mr Cook replied that the action five years ago was limited bombing by comparison.

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