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Friday, May 30, 2003

With Comrade Bob's armed killers warning against demonstrations next week, it seems the opposition has is prepared to go beyond the point of no return.

Zimbabweans did not easily give up hope that President Mbeki and the ANC would finally understand the true nature of our distress. But finally it has become clear that it was not a question of misunderstanding but deliberate prevarication in order to positively support Mugabe's dictatorship.

The shift began with cricket. Failure to get the world to acknowledge the need to boycott Mugabe by shifting the World Cup matches made it very plain that our salvation would only come from ourselves. And so the protests finally began. Henry Olonga and Andy Flower set it off, as if singing the overture, at the first Harare cricket match. Since then demonstrations and stay-aways have become a regular feature of our lives. Brutally suppressed, they have taught beleaguered Zimbabweans the most important lesson: we have the power, we can face arrest, we can even face torture. Now the people are waiting for the mass action which will finally bring the end of this evil regime. It cannot come soon enough.

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