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Friday, May 02, 2003

Sounds like some attempted misdirection to me.

A senior Iranian cleric on Friday denounced as 'false' US claims that it respected human rights in Iraq and sought to establish democracy in that country as he called on Iraqis to determine their fate by following clerics and maintaining their unity.

"America is making fun of all such issues as democracy and human rights," Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told thousands of worshipers to the
chants of 'Death to America' at weekly Friday prayers here.

"America is committed to none of UN resolutions nor democracy,"
the cleric said and denounced Washington for acting as if it were the
'custodian' of the Iraqi people.

He called Iraq and Palestine as 'the most important issues of the
Islamic world' and reminded Islamic states of the founder of the
Islamic Revolution late Imam Khomeini's warning that they 'resist
America and Israel'.

"Forget about the oppession we visit on you every day" he shouted. "Think instead of the poor Iraqis. Voting on people who will lead them. Leaders who will not be under the lash of an unelected theocractic few. And who will have a free press. And the freedom to move about in their daily lives and associate with whom they please. Forget that you will be beaten and jailed for even thinking of having those things in Iran. Death to America and Israel."

The ruling ayatollahs are getting worried that the people of Iran might be getting some naughty ideas while looking at the cheering masses of Iraqis and the meetings to discuss a new and better future.

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