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Monday, May 12, 2003

Sometimes Mohamad Mahathir can seem the very picture of rationality and other times, espacially when he gets on a roll about denouncing the US, he can sound like a lunatic. He is now convinced that Malaysia will be the next US target for 'regime change'.

"They will push for regime change. They want governments that idolize them. When they are finished with the Arabs they will turn their attention to us."

In what is one of his final speeches to his party before he retires in October, the Malaysian prime minister--who is also UMNO president--said that while Western powers had not declared their intentions against Malaysia, they had already begun criticizing the country.

He pointed out that Malaysia was frequently criticized for having no freedom of the press or for having a poor human rights record.

Hmmmm. Now that is an interesting thing to say.

In his speech on Sunday, he also compared Malaysia and UMNO's history with that of the Palestinians and the formation of Israel in

He said the formation of UMNO in 1946 had convinced the country's
British colonial masters that Malays could be united and were able to
become future administrators of the country.

"Malays were then known as nature's gentlemen and we were giving
away our territories to the British, like Penang and Singapore. But we
were finally united in UMNO against the British," he said.

Dr Mahathir said the one English word the Malays had then learned
and used against the British was "boo."

"That is what the white man says when he does not like something. "If the Palestinians had learned to boo the British then maybe
there would be no Israel
. They should not have waited before the problem was so huge before fighting," he said.

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