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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Romania claims Iraq was planning terrorist attacks against Israel and the West.

In a statement Thursday, the country's spy service said it established in the months before the war that Iraqi operatives were planning ``to organize terrorist attacks on Israeli and Western targets.''

``The terrorist attacks were to be carried out with AG-7 grenade launchers provided by the head of the espionage of the Iraqi Embassy in Bucharest,'' the statement said.

Romanian authorities reacted at the time by declaring 10 Iraqi diplomats and 31 other people as persona non grata, expelling or barring them from entering the country.

The service said it cooperated with other foreign espionage services, and that documents found in Iraq's espionage headquarters after the war ``fully confirmed the information obtained by the Romanian intelligence service.''

In March, Romania expelled five Iraqi diplomats for what it characterized at the time as ``activities incompatible with their status.''

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