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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Reuters is taking at face value the rumors that Saddam is in full rebel mode. If it comes to pass it would be tough reporting for them. Should they refer to him as President. After all, they faithfully informed us that Saddam received 100% of the vote. Or should they call him a guerilla leader.

A close associate of Saddam Hussein is quoted as saying that the deposed Iraqi president is safe in Iraq preparing to organise resistance to U.S.-led occupation forces.
Qassem Salam, secretary-general of Yemen's Arab Socialist Baath Party, said he had received a message from the leadership of Saddam's Baath Arab Socialist Party around mid-April assuring him about the fate of fellow party leaders in Iraq.

"(The verbal message) asserted that...all the leadership was well and in safe places. The national (pan-Arab) leadership, including Saddam Hussein, were in safe places, and those who had left Iraq also said they were safe," Salam told the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi in an interview, without giving details.

"The crux of the message was that the resistance to the Americans will be tough and it will be decisive and historic," he added, speaking from Yemen.

Heh. Just like the historic defense of Baghdad.

Salam, who was in Iraq throughout the war, said he left the country on April 12, three days after Baghdad's fall, travelling first by land to Syria and then to Jordan before flying back to Sanaa.

Yep. Syria isn't letting Ba'ath party officials through. Also, if Saddam is so safe and secure why did you high-tail it out of Iraq?

Asked why Baghdad had fallen so easily, Salam said: "The top chain in the Republican Guards started to get frustrated and gave the impression to commanders below them that Saddam was over, the battle was over and that the Americans had won and that they should disappear until resistance could be organised."

"I believe that the resistance has not started yet, and that the battle that Saddam planned for is yet to start... Preparations for this battle are underway and the millions of army personal who withdrew are still there."

I've said it before and will say it again. Saddam and his inner circle are not guerilla fighters. The 'elite' units of his military are well versed in the oppression, gassing and shelling of unarmed or lightly armed civilians. The excessively top heavy structure that is built around Saddam's ego is not made for asymmetrical warfare against the US. Not to mention the fact that they would be trying to work among a hostile population. Removed from the command structure with his military and secret police networks beneath him Saddam is an insignificant worm.

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