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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

North Korea and heroin.

The North Korean government has been helping to finance its survival for more than a decade through the production and sale of heroin, a former North Korean official told Congress.

The late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung ordered the effort to begin ``in earnest'' in the late 1980s, the former official told a Senate Governmental Affairs subcommittee. He was hidden from audience view and was identified only as ``high-ranking.''

``Kim Il Sung told the people to earn hard currency by selling heroin and selling opium because he needed cash,'' said the official, who spoke through a translator.

North Korea uses its diplomats and businessmen to carry out the drug trade, which also includes methamphetamines, the unidentified former North Korean official, who defected in 1998, told the Senate subcommittee today.

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