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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Javier Solana just doesn't get it.

''We have to put all the pressure in order to have the Israelis accept in a clear manner the content of the road map,'' Solana told reporters in Amman.

No mention of putting pressure on Palestinian security groups to end terrorism. Pressure must only be applied to the Israelis.

''The people in the region and in Palestine have to see that their lives begin to change, and the application of the road map would create hope that would create a determination by everybody to move forward.''

No need for Israelis to feel that that their lives may begin to change that their neighbors may begin to accept that Israel is not going to be wiped off the map.

''There is a new situation in the world'' since the end of the Iraq war, Solana said, and he called on all involved to ''behave in a positive and constructive manner to see the road map implemented'' in order to bring peace to the region.

After pointedly saying that Israel must be pressured Solana calls on "all involved" to behave positively and constructively. But still no mention that pressure must be put on the terrorist groups who have a great deal of support within the region and who openly admit that their goal is the destruction of Israel.

The new Palestinian government of Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has endorsed the road map and voiced dismay that Powell had not persuaded Sharon to do the same.

Why the dismay? Doesn't he understand that words do not equal action. He has spoken out against violence now let us see him do something about it. When this happens Israelis will, as they have done in the past (Sinai and Southern Lebanon), do what is necessary.

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