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Thursday, May 01, 2003

It is to laugh.

Eager to help rebuild Iraq, France has sent a diplomat to Baghdad despite U.S. resistance to a prominent French role, the foreign minister said Wednesday.

"France wants to be present at the side of the Iraqi people," Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said.

He added that Paris wanted to take the initiative under the supervision of the United Nations but was moving ahead to lay the groundwork.

"In this spirit, a French diplomat has been in Baghdad since Monday to evaluate the means of resuming our activities and restarting our cooperation," de Villepin said. He did not identify the diplomat.

Read: We realize that all our tittering at the UN has done absolutely nothing and while we obfuscate events continue to move. Well, this won't stand, we want our money...I mean we want to 'help' the Iraqis. Just like we helped Saddam...Did I say that part out loud?

I hope said diplomat has a hard-ass. I have a feeling he will be kept waiting a long time while the new leaders of Iraq meet with those who have offered help without the whole supporting Saddam on the side deal.

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