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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

But they do not form an 'Axis', right?

But one witness, using the alias Bok Koo Lee, told the open portion of the hearing that he worked as a missile scientist for nearly nine years at Plant 39 in Huichon, Jagang Province, North Korea before defecting in July 1997.

He said in summer 1989 he became an unwitting pawn in Pyongyang's nascent missile technology export plans.

Bok said he was ordered to go to Nampo seaport, dressed in military fatigues and locked inside a freighter for a sea voyage of around 15 days.

When the ship docked, he was taken aboard a missile guidance control vehicle with curtained windows on a two-day journey to a secret location.

"Although it was night-time, we could see and immediately we realized that we were in a Middle Eastern country, judging by a foreign soldier and his physical make-up," Bok said.

The small team of scientists activated and fired the missile from a remote site, before immediately being returned to the ship for a 15-day journey back to North Korea locked in the hold.

During a visit to Pyongyang on his return, Bok said he was told by senior North Korean officials that his mission had been to Iran, and testified that his plant subsequently churned out more of the missile control vehicles he had worked on during the project.

Bok alleged that 90 pct of components used in his work inside the North Korean missile project were smuggled in on scheduled ferry services from Japan, every two or three weeks.

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