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Friday, May 16, 2003

Ananova is reporting that a mass grave containing Kuwaiti POW's from 1991 has been found. I've been wondering about this. There are more than 700 still listed as missing and I haven't seen any stories of Kuwaitis being found.

A mass grave of about 600 missing Kuwaiti prisoners of war has reportedly been discovered in Iraq.

It is believed the prisoners were taken from Kuwait during the first Gulf War in 1991.

Workers from the Iraqi National Congress say they made the grim find at an airbase in the town of Habbaniyah, north-west of Baghdad.

INC workers say they uncovered the grave after tip-offs from locals that 600 Kuwaiti PoWs were buried there.

The INC operations centre in Baghdad said its officials have conducted initial tests at the excavation site, and 40 bodies have already been recovered.

Dr Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the INC, said: "We extend our deepest sympathies to the Kuwaiti people and hope it will now be possible to have a final accounting of their loved ones.

"Those who supported this regime are now witnessing the monster that they enabled."

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