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Friday, May 09, 2003

Adnan Bachachi (why does the PC media continue with the Pachachi? Arabic doesn't have a 'native' 'p', it was inveted to accomodate English words) discusses what he would like to see in a future Iraq.

He acknowledges the hard road ahead and describes it as "a very tense time in the history of Iraq". As he begins his trip home, Bachachi is fully aware that he is "not very well known inside Iraq" but explains why he will embark on such a visit. "I am going to Iraq to meet with the people, get to know their needs, their aspirations and explain my point of view on the issues which concern them,"

Though he is keeping his Iraq trip under close wraps, Bachachi said that he is planning to tour Basra, Mosul and Baghdad. One of his immediate concerns will be stepping up efforts to put together an Iraqi transitional government. The aim, he explained, is to set up a transitional government, have a new constitution and hold a free election as soon as possible. "We want to put an end to the occupation administration which the Americans and the British have set up. This will only be achieved through the formulation of a transitional government run by the Iraqis. This is our primary concern at this stage," Bachachi told the Weekly. His consistent emphasis on the need to put together an Iraqi transitional government within a short time frame reflects his staunch opposition and concern that the Americans might outstay their welcome in Iraq. "The Iraqis should be allowed to rule their own country because an American administration would mean a continuation of the military presence and this is not going to be tolerated by the Iraqi people," Bachachi said. Bachachi's trip home is seen by observers as a culmination of his efforts to allow what he calls "the silent majority" of Iraqis to have a say in the post-war arrangements and to push for a bigger role for the UN in reconstructing Iraq. Bachachi insisted that a UN role is vital in shaping Iraq's future. There will be a UN presence in the upcoming meeting of the Iraqi opposition scheduled for early next month.

There is a bit of conflict in Bachachi's desire here. He wishes to minimize the amount of time that the Coalition administers Iraq because he wishes Iraqis to rule themselves. yet he wants the UN to play a central role in reaching this independence. The UN's history in this regard is not promising. Were the UN to become the primary administrator of Iraq's reconstruction they would still be there in 50 years. Once they became entrenched it would be nearly impossible to pry them loose. But Coalition administration will end as soon as we are sure that the relatively small but vocal fundamentalist and remaining Ba'athists are not in a position to take over in our absence, Iraq will be turned over to the Iraqis.

But, I do not think there should be a set time for us to leave. In a way I agree with Friedman's assertion that 'we broke it we bought it'. I agree with this because I want to see the job done right. I don't want to turn reconstruction over to an organization that see's no problem with Libya chairing the Human Rights Commission. It is a sure recipe for failure and that failure would be hung on America's neck. Therefore, as few hands as possible need to be charge of getting Iraq on its feet again. The iraqis can do it and I think they can do it relatively soon but they cannot be burdened with a UN Bureaucracy that would have to creat 'multi-national' assent before any move can be taken.

Bahachi wants the Coalition out in six months. I say if things are stable and ready in six months that is fine but to put an expiration date on the move seems pre-mature. Results should drive the independence of Iraq not the calendar.

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