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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

21 years of living in a wall to hide from Saddam.

Jawad Amir is the Anne Frank of Iraq.
At age 28, he squeezed into a hiding place between the walls of his parents' home in the village of Jobah after Saddam Hussein ordered that he be executed.

Now, at age 49, Amir has emerged to a very different country - one where he finally feels safe to step into the sunshine.

"I feel as if I had just given birth to him again," Amir's elated mother, Ramsya Haddi, told BBC News.

For 21 years, Amir lived in fear of being snatched by the dictator's henchmen. Only a few relatives and his mother knew he was living in the narrow slot between the walls.

His life-or-death game of hide-and-seek began when he angered Saddam by supporting an outspoken Shiite cleric.

In a space less than 2-1/2 feet wide, accessed by a tiny trapdoor, Amir passed the time reading the Koran with a flashlight, listening to a small radio through headphones and worrying he would be found. His only view of the outside world was through a tiny peephole.

The frail, pale and bearded Amir kept photos of himself as a young man and saved the teeth he lost over the years. His family sneaked him food and never uttered a word of his whereabouts. His neighbors thought he had vanished, like so many others who irked Saddam and his bloodthirsty sons.

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