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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

You're foolin' yourself.

Canada stuck to its principles in refusing to join the war in Iraq, and its friendship with the U.S. will withstand any disappointment south of the border, Prime Minister Jean Chretien said Tuesday.

Speaking in Parliament on the 40th anniversary of first being elected to the legislature, Chretien provided his most detailed defense so far for keeping out of the war fought by its crucial ally and economic mainstay.

I think what Chirac and Schroeder and Chretien don't understand is that it is not up to George Bush to be upset that our 'friends' have stood us up. It is up to the American people. Our votes and how we choose to spend our dollars will rule who is punished and who is not. This is not McCarthyism it is free-will and those who speak and those who act must accept responsibility. While Bush, Blair, Howard, Aznar and the others who have joined us have willingly accepted the possibility that our actions may bring about great suffering and making plans accordingly; Chirac, Schroeder, Chretien and the other 'weasels' have run off at the mouth disparaging America and any who supported us have wished us nothing but ill and have done nothing but prevaricate and stand in the way of overthrowing Saddam all while absolving themselves of any responsibility for their stand. Unfortunately for them it is neither Kofi nor the Pope who will decide on how the world will be after Iraq has been freed. It is the people of America, Britain, Australia and the other coalition members.

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