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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Why does it seem that Muslim-Jewish always results in violence and intimidation directed at Jews. Yet it is always reported as if it is just as common on both sides.

A BURY Grammar School pupil, who lost a relative in the September11 terrorist attack, was taunted about Osama bin Laden and sent notes urging him "not to bomb Iraq".

The parents of the 13-year-old reported the matter to the police who have carried out a detailed investigation into the incidents in conjunction with the school.

The head of the boys school, Mr Keith Richards, told the Bury Times that three Muslim pupils had been tackled about their behaviour toward a Jewish student and had "successfully and satisfactorily" concluded an internal investigation into the allegations of racial bullying.

He said: "The allegations involved three boys passing another pupil notes urging him not to bomb Iraq, provoking arguments about the Arab/Israel conflict, making references about Osama bin Laden and, on one occasion, putting up an anti-war poster, possibly in his classroom.

"The content of what they were doing is in the public domain; lots of people are saying don't bomb Iraq. We are in a climate here where we are trying to encourage intelligent debate among boys about a very, very complicated political and moral issue.

"The problem, however, was that these three boys were focusing on one individual. The youngster was made to feel extremely uncomfortable and the three pupils have been spoken to about the young man's complaints and they have acknowledged what they said and did caused offence. They have expressed remorse for that and given assurances it will not be repeated."

Head of the school Keith Richards? Man that must be some school.

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