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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Anti-war MP and father of the House of Commons Tam Dalyell said he remained pessimistic about whether the Iraqi people had really been liberated.

"I never had any doubt that it was a matter of time before Baghdad fell," the MP for Linlithgow said.

"I am thankful that the bombing has ended. But I am a pessimist on two counts - the reaction of the Iraqi people to what is inevitably a continued occupation, whether it is seen as subjugation or liberation will depend very much on events."

So he's saying; sure the Iraqis are happy now but once we become another Saddam to them they will see the truth? His underlying assumption is that even if we do what we have repeatedly said we won't do, living under Coalition occupation would be worse than life under Saddam. Why doesn't he go ask some of the kids freed from prison what thy think about that.

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