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Thursday, April 10, 2003


Most members of the U.N. Security Council want the United Nations to have a political role in Iraq's future and object to the supporting duties envisioned for it by the United States and Britain.

Couldn't have anything to do with their wn self-interest could it? No, of course not. Only America, and Britain while doing America's bidding, are capable of that heinous crime.

Puhleeze. They didn't want us to liberate Iraq either and they didn't want to enforce any of the binding Resolutions they had passed. The UN will be given whatever role the US, UK, Spain and the other active Coalition members decide. Giving political control to the UN will only result in decades of UN rule and the creation of a new UN Agency that will never go away. And the Iraqi people will go from being victims to being supplicants. All paid for by us and the very oil they say we are hungry for.

A sure way to see to it that the people of Iraq continue to live in Purgatory with no benefit being gleaned from the trillions of dollars in oil would be to give control of the country to a UN panel. Friedman is right but, not in the way he means. We broke Iraq so we must fix it. We didn't actually break it, Saddam and his brood did that but, we did create the political vacuum and disrupt the flow of resources. And if Iraq is going to become a prosperous representative government run nation that respects the rights of its people it cannot be done by the UN. Look at Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor, Rwanda, Somalia and the Palestinians. These are the legacy of the UN. Japan and Germany are the legacy of the US. We will provide the security allies and NGO's can help provide humanitarian assistance and when an interim government is decided upon they will choose which path they will choose. It is not for Bush nor Blair to decide nor is it the choice of Putin, Chirac, Schroeder and Kofi. The difference is that Bush and Blair accept and say this, the others do not.

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