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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

We still have some convincing to do. But once the Iraqis really believe they will rise up and we will see the cheering and celebration.

The 21-year-old unemployed man said most residents of Nasiriyah wanted to get rid of Saddam's Government.

"They only want to get rid of the regime, no matter who gets rid of it - whether America, Britain, anybody - but most of them cannot believe America will continue doing that."

Asked if there could be a popular uprising against Saddam in the city, Irani's friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "not again after 1991, we feel very weak".

Local people's fear over the outcome of the current war is shown by the reluctance of most to give their full names or be filmed by television cameras.

The unidentified young man said the pro-Saddam Fedayeen engaged in a guerrilla struggle against US forces in the city were "cowards".

"They just fire two bullets in the air and (take refuge in) one of the houses where there's a family," he said.

"When coalition forces come in, they just blow up that house or bomb that house because they say resistance is coming out of it."

Another man, who gave only his first name, Ahmed, said the only fighters in the city were Fedayeen and Baath Party activists.

"These Fedayeen are the lowest people from the slums, from the bottom of society.

"They come and fight but the people originally from Nasiriyah are very happy to see that regime go and the sooner the better," he said.

Ahmed, a driver, said if they received assurances of American determination to oust Saddam "they will go and fight these people, get them out of the city".

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