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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The UN is growing more irrelevent every day.

Macedonia's parliament on Tuesday approved the deployment of a 40-member contingent of soldiers and paramedics to join U.S.-led peacekeeping operations in Iraq.
The move was passed with 86 votes in favor, while the remaining lawmakers in the 120-seat assembly were absent during the vote.

The contingent will consist of 28 soldiers from an elite regiment, two liaison officers and three teams of paramedics.

They are due to leave for Kuwait in a month and will be under U.S. command.

"Although symbolic in number, the Macedonian contribution will be important as part of a major mission to build a new democracy and peace in Iraq," Defense Minister Vlado Buckovski said.

Post war rebuilding of Iraq is underway while the Axis-of-Talkers do nothing but tell us how important they are.

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