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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

This historical significance of Babylon is not lost on American troops.

The brigade commander, Col. Michael Linnington led a command convoy north of the city to the famed ruins of ancient Babylon.

The once-walled city, site of the biblical Tower of Babel, has three man-made hills in a triangular pattern marking its boundaries.

``Symbolically, it is very important to us to secure the holiest parts of this area for the Iraqi people,'' Linnington said.

Maj. Jim Botters of Birmingham, Ala., stood atop the mound, chomping a beef jerky and taking in the view.

``(Saddam Hussein) was saying he wanted to lead the new Babylon, but we just took the old one,'' Botters said.

Linnington said he was overwhelmed by the reception U.S. troops got from the public as they drove through town.

``People were handing their children to us and kissing us on the face,'' he said. ``One man came up, started kissing me on both sides of the face, saying, 'Liberation, liberation.' I was overwhelmed.''

I like this bit.

At one intersection. a life-size statue of Saddam stood in the middle of the road outside a three-story compound reduced to rubble by U.S. artillery.

Linnington went on the radio, ordering his troops not to damage the statue, but within a few hours local residents had toppled it on their own.

Let the Iraqis themselves revel in the downfall of the Butcher of Baghdad.

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